ALLKY: The Crypto Market Innovative Multiplatform

1 min readFeb 7, 2023
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Allky is an innovative cross-platform blockchain ecosystem for various cryptocurrency-related services.
From the union of two projects, we created a token (on bnb) and a platform with everything you need to become a professional and qualified investor. Combining usability, services and security, Allky aims to provide a unique experience in one place.

Allky’s mission is to make its audience more aware of the usability of TOKENS and CRYPTOCURRENCY, a technology that has changed the world in recent years. To carry out this mission, an ecosystem consisting of efficiency was studied and planned, concentrating the main modalities of the sector in a single organized place with coherent usability.

Currently the multiplatform is in beta phase, but it already has several features included such as betting, trading, hold, stake, masternodes, casino games, launchpad, explorer, radio, ranks system and vip area.

The Team is formed by the union of the REIBIT project and Fanaticos Criptos, a very experienced team in the area of cryptocurrencies and technology.

The token is listed on PancakeSwap and x7exchange

Tigar is the mascot chosen by allky, it represents our values, in addition to being very beautiful, the tiger symbolizes power, strength, courage, beauty, ferocity, independence, intelligence, freedom, cunning, wit and confidence.

Whitepaper: Portuguese | English
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An ecosystem made for your needs. Discover the world of cryptocurrencies with the ALLKY, a complete ecosystem for your learning and development, and improvement